Interesting Digital Shorts

There’s a new web series called H+ (pronounced H plus, not H positive if you’re in a medical frame of mind) that premiered earlier this month.  Normally, I’m not into digital shorts, but this one struck me out because it’s near-future, realistic science fiction.  My basic understanding of the series is that it’s about a computer virus that manages to wipe out a lot of the Internet.  The novelty of this idea is that the virus targets people with implants (the eponymous H+) that enable them to connect to the Internet, and it seems to kill them.  The series jumps around in time, looking at the moment when all the networks are attacked, years before as the technology develops (and becomes as ubiquitous as cell phones), and some time later as society tries to recover .

It’s got some big production values too, since Warner Brothers’  digital branch is producing it.  I’ve watched the first six episodes already (they’re all about 5 minutes long), and they’re all quite good, if a bit mysterious still.  But I’m very excited.  Check out the series trailer here.

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