Where Are You

So I said a while back I would explain where I am.  I don’t even remember when I said that, but I WILL explain why I’m so randomly busy.  I just started graduate school this August.  I’m at the University of Virginia, studying for a Ph.D in materials science and engineering.  Being a new student in a new city, I always find myself caught up in several other things as I adjust and work to establish myself, academically and socially.  But I love it here so far, and I’ve found that UVA has so many great resources that I didn’t even know about when I accepted their offer.  The career center tries really hard to be helpful for grad students.  There’s a Teaching Resource Center that offers advice for both faculty and grad student TAs (and they’ll even help you with lesson plans and critique you!).  And there’s a Science, Technology, and Society Department I hope to stalk will offer something for grad students.


One thought on “Where Are You

  1. Oh, wow. I guess materials science is lucky the Science, Technology and Society department doesn’t offer a PhD program!

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