NaBloPoMo 2012

What is that terrible acronym?  Why it’s National Blog Posting Month, the quirky cousin of the relatively more formal (and well-known) National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo.  For NaNoWriMo, participants are supposed to write about 5000 words a day for what will hopefully be a novel by the end of the month (or I suppose more accurately, something more like the uncut diamond of a novel, as actual revising and editing don’t need to take place during November).  NaBloPoMo, is not nearly as intense, but still a good idea for someone who struggles with blogging like I do.  Instead of basically churning out a book chapter a day, I just need to have a blog post a day.  Which seems totally reasonable.  At least, as long as I keep getting things to report on (or I suppose I could just rant).  So pleeeeeeease post things in the comments that you think I should look at.

And to have something of actual merit, I offer you this game someone pointed out to me.  No, really.  MIT’s Game Lab has made a first-person… something that shows you relativity.  But instead of flinging you off at warp speed, they have light slow down to approach a speed a human might actually get close to.  And this leads to lots of cool effects.  Unfortunately, I can’t get the game to work on my laptop, so I’ll just have to take people’s word for it.

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