I’m Calling a Slight Win for Myself

So you may recall my previous post looking at anti-science trends in the left.  One of the points I made was that the anti-vaccine movement is not limited just to progressives, although I admit I’m not sure where it started.  Almost as if to prove the point, the Congressman for Indiana’s 5th district, Dan Burton, recently held a House committee investigation on “autism-related issues”, which seemed to include a lot of questions about whether vaccines contribute to autism.  Important for my argument, Congressman Burton and his colleague Bob Posey (of Florida) are both Republicans.  And the article shows that their statements don’t just seem like basic questioning of the issue.  Instead, both Congressmen seem openly hostile to the scientists they brought in to testify, and these scientists are directors of institutes in the CDC and NIH (which are pretty big deals in medical research). I can be fine with some vaccine skepticism, but you need to show you’re operating in good faith.  And not recommending random medical treatments that can potentially kill people with the wrong condition.

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