New Page at the Top!

So there’s been something I’ve been wanting to start for a while, but waited until I learned more about how WordPress works (I am clearly not a web designer yet). You’ll notice a new link at the top titled “Trivial Explanations” (and also a new blog category with that name). In addition to posts where I look at science or its applications in the news, I also want to start giving some explanations of the concepts that are commonly referred to in science/tech journalism stories without much explanation. For instance, in the post on masers, many of the articles I linked to mentioned that masers could be good amplifiers for cell phones but didn’t explain why, while I briefly mentioned the relevant property was stimulated emission (the SE in LASER or MASER). I also plan on explaining things that might not be relevant to further off applications, but just appear in lots of papers anyway, to build up your background in seeing how things might be related (for example many materials are “doped”, but that is almost never explained in news pieces because it’s a basic step in the process). If you follow XKCD, think of it as a more practical (or less awesome) version of What If?

With that in mind, I need things to explain! So if you can think of anything you hear about in the news or in your life that you don’t understand, please send me your requests for desired explanations. For now, leave a comment on this post. I’ll try to come up with a better system in the future. (I’m a bit paranoid about linking my email)

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