Happy First Birthday!

Today is the first birthday/anniversary/blogoversary of nontrivial problems! And it just recently got over 500 views (today or yesterday, I’m a bit unsure)! Thank you everyone for reading, following, and commenting.  I’d probably still be working this attempt at outreach even by myself, but it’s nice to know other people read what I write.

I also want to take this moment to plug one of my favorite posts from the first month of the blog, before I got most of my followers and views. It was about a study on the “Pioneer effect”. It also kind of best represents the type of work I would like to produce. It’s based on news stories from other sites, but I also did some research on my own to help synthesize the information together and go a bit deeper. As time goes on, I hope my blogging skills mature and I’ll be able to produce work like that more often. But I’m also glad people read (and hopefully enjoy?) posts where I just try to break down new research findings or just rant about cultural perceptions of science and technology.

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